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Major developments that have taken place in the company during the last few years:

  1. The Company had become debt free in 2002 after repaying the whole of term debt of INR 326.0 million on schedule, a distinction achieved by a Pig Iron manufacturer in India. The Pig Iron unit once again had become debt free in September 2008, after repayment of term loans availed for modernization and expansion.

  2. The company has successfully implemented a Modernization and Expansion project of its Brownfield operations involving capacity addition to Pig Iron from 120000 tpa to 210000 tpa and addition of captive power generation of 8.43 MW to the existing facility of 3 MW, with an outlay of INR 450 million in 2002.

  3. The company implemented a Greenfield project for manufacture of 300000 tpa of Metallurgical Coke with 30 MW Co-generation Power with an outlay of INR 2200 millions in 2007.

  4. The company has made in March 2008 a preferential issue of 4900000 Equity Shares to Stemcor Group at a issue price of Rs.60 per share and 625000 Equity Shares and 1575000 Share Warrants to Promoters Group at a issue of Rs.60 per instrument.  The promoters subscribed and paid fully the share warrants money at Rs.60/- per warrant inspite of the fact that the market price of share is fifty percent of the issue price.

  5. The company has taken up in 2009 expansion for enhancing the Metallurgical Coke capacity to 450000 tpa with an outlay of Rs.1065 million. The Company has also taken up a project to debottleneck the idle capacity in the turbine generating by adding one CFBC Boiler which gone additional 25 MW of power at an estimated outlay of Rs.500million. The additional Metallurgical Coke capacity of 150,000 tpa was commissioned in December 2010 and additional power generating capacity to 50 MW in March 2012.

  6. The Company has implemented an integrated project involving a capital expenditure of Rs.5870 million for manufacture of Ductile Iron pipes 210,000 tpa as a forward integration to Pig Iron making on the one hand and sinter plant, 30MW captive thermal plant apart from modernisation of blast furnace as a backward integration.

  7. The company in December 2010 has made preferential issue of 800000 equity shares to Stemcor group and 420000 Share warrants to Ganapati Adusumilli Fininvest Private Limited (GAFIL) a promoter group company at an issue price of Rs.60/- per share. GAFIL already exercised option of conversion of 4200000 share warrants into 4200000 equity shares.

  8. The Company in 2012 made a preferential issue of 12500000 equity shares at issue price of Rs.36 per share to FIIS(9980000 equity shares) and to promoters group concern 25,20,000 equity shares.

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